Thursday, 6 April 2017

Mode Kult Koketterie - die Geschichte des Fächers am 21.4. in Wien

Auf Einladung des Vereins "Freunde von Prozellan, Glas und angewandter Kunst" wird Margaretha Mazura am 21. April 2017 einen Vortrag zu dem Thema "Mode, Kult, Koketterie - die Geschichte des Fächers" halten. Nach dem Vortrag wird sie einige historische Fächer aus ihrer Sammlung "live" vorstellen. Für mehr Information oder Anmeldung: bitte mich kontaktieren.

Kurze Geschichte des Fächers als pdf

Von links: Triumph Amors, ca. 1720; Erster Ballonaufstieg, 1783; Bedruckter Satinfächer, ca. 1880; Kaiser Franz Joseph im Prater, Detail, ca. 1898; Wien Souvenirfächer, ca. 1890

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Femme 1900 - Resume of the exhibition at Hôtel Frison Brussels

On the occasion of the Brussels Art Nouveau Art Deco Festival 2017 (in short BANAD), I showed my Art Nouveau fans at the Hôtel Frison, built in 1894 by Belgian Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta for his friend, the lawyer Georges Frison. My fans were complemented by those of the HS collection, with the support by HS himself.
Enjoy a short video with some glimpses of the exhibition:
Winter Garden Hôtel Frison by Horta

The Hours, ca. 1898 HS collection

Detail of a cupboard around 1898

Monday, 20 February 2017

Brussels Art Nouveau Art Deco Festival

In the past, every second year in the autumn, private persons opened their houses for the "Biennale Art Nouveau Art Deco". Since 2017, it became the BANAD  - Brussels Art Nouveau and Ar Deco Festival held in spring, from 11 to 26 March 2017.

On the weekend of 18/19 March, the Hôtel Frison, built by Victor Horta in 1894 for his lawyer friend Georges Frison, will open its doors for the BANAD visitors. At this occasion, Margaretha Mazura will show her Art Nouveau fans under the title: Femmes 1900 - femmes fleurs et femmes fatales. For those that saw the past Biennale fan exhibitions, this is a new venue with new fans!
Download poster as pdf

The exhibition shows Art Nouveau beauties but also fashion excesses like the reconstructed seagull on a fixed fan (HS collection).

Download the catalogue (trilingual) - Dowloadez le catalogue (trilingue) - Katalog dreisprachig zum Runterladen.